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Reloj Lácteo /L'holorge LActée/ Milky Clock

In the RELOJ LACTEO I drop 60 cans of sweetened condensed milk over my body, re-creating a solar clock, in which my body is the axe. The time that takes to drop each can denotes the passing of time, re-creating time in my own terms. I use my body as a tool of creation and the physical challenge of the inverted posture as a metaphor of the acrobatics women need to assume too simultaneously be a woman, mother, worker and artist in society in general and Latinamerican in particular. All while humming the most sang lullaby in Venezuela the music of which coincides with the Venezuelan National Anthem, as an homage to the current struggle Venezuelan mothers do in order to feed their families. 

First Iteration of the Reloj Lácteo at Centro Andaluz de Arte Contempoáneo, SevillaSpain, 2007

Second Iteration of Reloj Lácteo in Centro Cultural Chacao, Caracas, 2007. Photo Esso Alvarez


Third Iteration of Reloj Lácteo in Place Jean JauréMontreuil, France, 2018. Photo by Photo Carl Habib. 

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