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Performance at the Perez Art Museum Miami, Miami, 2021. Dedicated to Erika Ordosgoitti. Photo by Andres Manner and Henrique Faria . WATCH VIDEO HERE

After Carmen is a site-specific performance choreographed and performed by artist Sandra Vivas

that aims to reinvent the mythical figure of the free-spirited Carmen. The performance is a multi

layered pastiche using images taken from Art History, Carnival practices in the Caribbean,

European Dance Maccabres, and illustrations of doctors during the Plague in the Middle Ages.

The cape is homage to Venezuelan artists Eugenio Espinoza and Gego while the mask was

inspired by illustrations of Doctors during the Plague in the Middle Age. The whip is a handmade

artifact used by the Carnival Band “The Black Devils” in the village of Good Hope, Dominica.

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