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Maroons Project

Video Installation in Roseau, Dominica, 2019. Directed by Sandra Vivas.

The Maroon Project was a one night event simultaneously showing 10 video projections on the walls of the Old Barracoon building in Roseau. Working with 9 artist from the Waitukubuli Artist Association, we explored Maroon Identity as a Futuristic alternative to modern day Plantation Society. We researched ways to rethink our traditions and revalue them. From backyard gardening as a form of resistance and independence, tea drinking as way of revaluing our healing traditions, and our ties to the land and the roots that have fed us after devastating hurricanes, to literally all our sources that most of Dominicans prefer to drink over the pipe water. Contemporary Maroons go back the mountains, back tothe roots, back to the sources.

As Contemporary Maroons we were not deterred by the lack of resources and we worked with what we have: low tech medias such as performance, drawing, stop motion, slide presentation, and shadow plays.

The Maroon Project is a vision of something we are still to create, a utopia we believe is possible and that we hope we can continue to work year after year, fine tuning it to make clearer, defined but also more inclusive, more accessible and also deeper.


Bogotá, COLOMBIA, en la Cinemateca Distrital a las 7:30 pm, colectiva de videos, curada por Felipe Bonilla.

BOCAS Scriptwriting Workshop

Port of Spain, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO. I got invited to participate in a Scriptwriting Workshop with my latest project on Dominican History. The workshop was organised by the Bocas Lit Fest in association with the British Council. The facilitator for the workshop was Angeli Macfarlane. Angeli is a London-based filmmaker who is the director of Script Cube, a company that offers script development and executive production services to production companies, funding organisations, and individual filmmakers to support the process from script to screen

May 31-June 2 2018

Santiago and Santo Domingo, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. Invited to participate as a panelist for Tilting Axis 4. Tilting Axis offers an intimate discursive space to reflect on how we might contribute to more inclusive and equitable art worlds. At each meeting, several themes have been identified including the following but not limited to Arts Education, Mobility and Residencies, Exhibition Development, Curatorial Strategies and Policy Development. The idea is that no matter where we are based, we can each contribute to tilting the axis from where ever we stand. Thanks to the British Council and Fresh Milk 


April 11 2018

Exposición grupal en Perú, en el contexto del Festival Internacional de Arte Monumental Callao. Las obras de 13 venezolanos muestran  interrogantes en torno a la libertad y señalamientos de las formas como se ejerce el poder sobre las conductas y el espacio.

Inaugura 21 de Abril a las 12 pm

Clausura al 23 Junio  de 2018

Jr Constitución 250, 3er Piso, Callao, Perú

Angela Bonadies, Juan José Olavarría, Deborah Castillo, Jaime Gilli, Sandra Vivas, Luis Molina Pantin, Mariana Bunimov, Nelson Garrido, Carlos Enrique-Gonzalez, Erika Ordosgoitti, José Antonio Hernández Diez, Teresa Mullet, Lucia Pizzani.


April 11- April 27 2018

Group exhibit featuring video artist from the Caribbean and from Australia at the Project Space at Deakin University, 1 Gheringhap St, Geelong, Victoria, Australia.


15-17 May 2018

Group Exhibit and Seminar on Contemporary Venezuelan Art, at La Colonie 128 Rue de La Fayette, 75010 Paris, France 

The unique performance art of Sandra Vivas

Interview of the artist in ART LIVE, a blog dedicated to tell the stories of creators and how they do it.

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